Arrived on site at 18.00 on Sunday evening- greeted by dense fog. The site was covered by a 3 inch layer of fresh snow covering the traces of snow clearing activity last Saturday. During the evening the visibility improved, from fog to a blanket of cloud which thinned over the next 6 hours. Just before the eclipse started the moon became visible to the delight of members. Observation and imaging was possible for some time then the clouds rolled in again before U2. Members commented on the differing cloud patterns/ layers resulting from wind shear on at least 3 levels !. At one stage during U1 a slight drizzle came down from somewhere, the Bob1 observatory had a rollover roof which protected the reflector and camera whilst a longer lens hood protected the 6" Refractor in the main dome from the damp.  U2,U3 and greatest eclipse were observed through thinner areas of cloud, but considering the complete cloud cover earlier the imagers were more than happy. An impressive blood red moon seen and imaged  at last - job done.  Very cold conditions on our moorland site made for a challenging morning but members were rewarded with a fairly clear U4 to bring the event to a close. Then right on cue the clouds rolled in again completely obscuring the moon ahead of the dawn. Brief glimpses of some stars but no chance of seeing Venus and Jupiter rising ahead of the sun. Domes closed about 06.30 under complete cloud cover. Some of the many images taken appear below, with thanks to members.