AC staff were asked to repair and upgrade parts of the Stonyhurst refractor located at the Stonyhurst College in Lancashire. After extensive dome repairs and interior decorating elements of the telescope needed to be improved to complete a working telescope.

With a 15" primary doublet this is a fine example of Victorian Astronomical engineering - comprising of mainly cast iron! Beautiful brass axis components needed some attention in terms of Declination clutch and RA drive and lock. Sympathetic use of brass metalwork to replace missing components have complemented the original drive systems. Unseen modern components were repaired or replaced which allowed the telescope to drive again in RA using the hand controller.

  The original  ?       Present  


 RA axis


At the DEC axis, re-tapping worm drive mount bolt holes.

   Fitting new DEC clutch assembly

RA drive lock handle  


       Adjusting the small finder scope


Not too bad for its age! (the lens that is ! )

   Peter and Andy - job done.