More 2018 works progress to follow....


June 2018.........A new cladding finish for the Bob1 Observatory- nice one Bob

 So Peter brought all the remaining observatories to the same high visual standard!( see below)



October 2017 ..... Thanks to the 3peaks Observatory for the donation of a 3.6 metre radio dish / mount ,

                             receiving and control equipment. This will create a substantial non-visual

                             observing facility for distributed and point radio sources.



By mid-summer 2017..........   Remscope ( remote control telescope)  foundations and blockwork proceeding.

                                             Open source server for web site and file system assembled and working.

                                             Web based status / display and booking system V1 - live. 

                                             Over spring a selection of large binoculars were constructed.

                                             This summer -  toilet block modifications carried out.

                                             Site vegetation control proceeding.

                                             Solar Flux detector antenna being modified.

                                             Access bridge safety rails installed.





New outside store.....ready for use. A new coat of varnish on the toilet block door complements the new store.


The `GANDER` 20" Dobsonian rollout shelter nearly ready for its occupant. weatherproof coatings for `rollout` telescope shelters.