The Main Observatory is a three storey building, capped with a 30 feet diameter aluminium dome which protects the observation deck. The twin shutter type doors provide a 6 foot aperture when fully open. The motor driven dome turns on a 19 wheel support system and 19 hold down brackets prevent the dome from lifting during severe gales.

The upper floor is used for direct eyepiece observations and for presentations, including live screening of events for audience viewing or talks by experienced members and visitors from other clubs or academic institutions.

The middle floor is normally reserved for Members only and provides a heated area with brewing facilities for cold observers to warm up again and discuss ongoing projects and research. Internet access and remote viewing of images captured on the observation level are also available here.

The ground floor is part workshop and part store-room. There is also a small kitchen area with a microwave oven.

The toilet block is outside, just opposite the door to the ground floor of the Observatory. At the moment, these facilities are functional, but rather basic.


This is what the site looked like before the Astronomy Centre started work!

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