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We report a successful Stargazing week but dominated by the lack of extended clear skies.

Mainly cloudy with some gaps on Wednesday for brief glimpses of the moon. Our talks were well attended with many interesting questions from the audience. Some children attended and helped to operate some of the equipment specifically to observe the moon.

Matthew and Bob described the process and equipment required for Astro Imaging. Taking long exposure images using astro and SLR type cameras were described. This was followed by a description of the process of image processing and  adjustment.

Peter presented an introduction to Solar observing using the medium of white and hydrogen light. Equipment and techniques were described as well as rules for safe operation. A range of equipment was shown to the audience together with modifications and operational tecniques.

David provided the visitors with a guided tour of our local planets, the science behind their orbits and some history about their discovery. Orbital information and up to date probe observations were described.

Lastly, Andy gave the audience an overview of the possibilities offered by past and current constructional , electronic and software techniques for amateur astronomy on a limited budget. As well as visual observation a range of measuring and display techniques were illustrated.

We hope our visitors all enjoyed their trip the the Astronomy Centre - hope to see you all soon at our Saturday night openings.

Special thanks to all our helpers and speakers.

See you all next year...........                                                                         





                                                                           SG 2016

 The observatory was open every night for

observing , technical advice and demonstrations.

Tuesday - cloudy, rain. Members attended

Wednesday- wind and snow. Members night

       Thursday- Frosty and clear sky, light breeze.

        Visitors and members enjoyed good viewing most of the night.


Some highlights..............



We are open as usual on Saturday evenings after 19.30. We look forward to assisting you with your Astronomical observations. We offer` Large Telescope` observing experience, practical observing tips, equipment technical information, observing areas, Astro photography opportunities.

If you are passing the observatory in the afternoon and its sunny??

For safe solar observing we have :

60mm Coronado -view in Hydrogen-alpha

120mm Hydrogen -alpha refractor

150mm White light refractor.

Visual or live video.

Solar glasses .

See gallery for eclipse day photos



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 Come and see  the largest Camera Obscura in the country ( as far as we know) , available Wednesday and Saturday afternoons- donation welcome. 




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Peter prepares for Stargazing live    -     http://www.astronomycentre.org.uk/index.php/members-gallery/the-dome/solar-system/solar/coronado-piggybacks-on-scott-1-76